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The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment is a famous study where each child was told they’d get a second marshmallow if they refrained from eating the one in front of them while the investigator was out of the room.

When they followed up the children years later as adults, those who originally didn’t eat the first marshmallow were shown to have achieved greater success in life.

While it has been pointed out that family backgrounds and socioeconomic situations played a role, the prominent theory remains that the delayed gratification shown…

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Would you prefer to go on your dream holiday but not remember it, or never go on that holiday but have the memory that you did?

This paradox intuitively illustrates the idea of the 2 selves, outlined in Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow.

The first self in the experiencing self: You, in the moment, going about your daily activities, enjoying your food, taking out the bins, playing sport, talking with your friends.

Of course, you can’t remember every second of those experiences across your lifetime in…

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Our perception of reality is some combination of the actual events, and how we process them.

How we process reality is in some part involuntary (due to our biology, previous experiences etc.) and in some part voluntary.

The voluntary part is seen in how we choose to view an experience in a certain way. …

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If you haven’t thought much about the concept of pain, you might assume it’s a simple matter of an impact at the skin level (e.g. stubbing your toe) causing a pain signal to be sent to the brain, resulting in a negative experience.

But a few examples quickly indicate that pain is much more complex than that.

Phantom limb pain is a common condition felt by those who’ve lost a limb but still feel pain where the limb used to be.

The placebo effect can cause reduced pain…

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It was the first time I’d tasted coffee that tasted of something other than just coffee. This one happened to have the slightest hint of blueberries. It’s hard to believe that this could be the case until you’ve tasted a coffee that’s grown, roasted, and brewed specifically to highlight the slight sweetness contained in a coffee bean.

They had shelves full of different coffees, some with tasting notes of nuts and caramel, some of peaches and lemons, and many in between.

As I sat in the Belfast coffee…

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Religious and traditional teachings have historically provided a rulebook and blueprint for how to live life in a productive, meaningful way that united you with other people under a common set of goals and principles.

This, along with the potential rewards you could receive if you were adherent, brought a sense of meaning to many people.

But the atrocities carried out under the banner of religions in recent times have been enough to push many people out of churches and other places of worship.

Along with this, a…

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Considering that most of our success in school is judged by how well we do in exams, which is largely determined by how well we study and retain the information given to us, you’d think there would have been some lessons in how to actually do that.

In recent years since school, I’ve had to find a way of studying that worked for me in order to ensure I was consistently updating my knowledge so that I was providing high-quality information for my clients, and as I embark…

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Whatever you are trying to improve in yourself becomes a filter through which you see the world.

You’re trying to improve your nutrition, and you start to automatically see things as hindrances or helpers towards that outcome.

Parties are no longer just an opportunity for fun. They are also now something to be worked around nutritionally. Meals become more than just something to enjoy. They become investments in your fitness goals.

Along with that, the habits of close family and friends, which last week were completely acceptable to…

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Looking back over times where you were most happy, you probably notice that the thought “I am now happy” was not going through your head. It’s usually something you only notice in hindsight.

In fact, not having to think about whether you were happy or not was probably one of the best things about that moment.

The word ‘happiness’ doesn’t do these moments justice, and given its ambiguous meanings, it might be better to refer to these moments as moments when your life is how you would wish…

With caffeine being the number one most used drug in the world, coffee is the second most traded commodity worldwide, with 100,000 metric tones being drank every year! (and who can blame us?)

Due to its popularity amongst just about everybody, there is often discussion of coffee in the media, debating back and forth as to whether it is advantageous for health or detrimental.

Before we get into that, however, it is worth starting with what caffeine actually does when we consume it.

How it Works

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter which causes us to become sleepy when it is received by the brain…

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